Movie Review: Amelia

I won a DVD of the film “Amelia”, starring Hilary Swank and Richard Gere.  As an undergrad History major, a historical romance appeals to me, expecially one about Amelia Earhart.  Unfortunately, I had high expectations going in.  I think Hilary Swank is enormously talented and likable, and Richard Gere is certainly easy on the eyes.  Unfortunately, it felt like these 2 phoned in their performances.  I was generally bored by their love scenes, and I felt like they didn’t have any chemistry at all.  The most interesting scenes were of Amelia in the air, but the movie was touted more as a love story and I felt like that’s what was focused on.

Bottom line: This is the kind of film I might watch on Lifetime on a boring Sunday afternoon, but if I had paid $9 to see it in a movie theater, I would feel pretty ripped off.


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