Product Review: Wanchai Ferry

Recently I won a giveaway sponsored by Wanchai Ferry.  We received a free coupon to try a Wanchai Ferry meal.  My husband and I had the opportunity to try the orange chicken, which was on sale at Walmart for $6 (free to us with our prize coupon).  I expected it to be an ordinary microwave meal, but there was a little more work involved.  I say “work” because I have an infant who protests whenever I spend any longer than 5 minutes in the kitchen.  The vegetables and chicken had to be stir fried, while the rice was microwaved.  I have to say that as I cooked the chicken and vegetables, it smelled great and looked very appetizing.  Now I don’t know if my husband and I are just used to larger-than-average servings, but I felt like the meal was a little small for 2 people.  The package claims it’s a dinner for two, but the amount of chicken and rice felt like it was better suited to just one person.  We both enjoyed the orange chicken, but afterwards my husband had a bowl of cereal because he was still hungry.

Bottom line: Tasty but teensy, if you have a hubby with a hearty appetite.


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