Product Review: Vitalicious

I recently won a Chocolate Sampler Pack from Vitalicious and was very excited to try it because each muffin top and brownie is just 100 calories.  Chock-full of vitamins & minerals, they are low in fat, high in fiber, and free of artificial preservatives.

Those attributes are all fine and good, but I guess I went into it with high expectations.  I expected the vita-brownies to taste, well, like a brownie.  The taste reminded me a lot of Nutrisystem products…looks like a brownie but doesn’t taste like what you’d expect a brownie to taste like.  They weren’t unappetizing, just not like eating a hostess cupcake or something equally bad for you.

Be aware that if you order a super sampler pack, you will need to freeze the muffins/brownies right away.  I had a little trouble finding the room in my freezer.

Bottom line: I’m eating Vitalicious products for breakfast to keep my calorie intake down, but my kids aren’t coming within 10 feet of them because, in their words, “they don’t taste sweet”.


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