U*neaks Review

I’m a sucker for children’s shoes, which is funny because I personally own only half a dozen pairs of shoes.  I’m no Carrie Bradshaw, but I am stockpiling shoes for my baby girl because I just think kids’ shoes are adorable.

My boys were very excited to each receive a pair of U*neaks sneakers from 2 separate blog giveaways I won.  U*neaks live up to their name…they are truly unique.  They feature a clear window so that you can change the look of the sneaker just by changing the socks.   My sons own the Black/Red Boomerang sneakers and the Gray/Yellow Boomerang sneakers.  Paired with the colorful and delightful Madagascar themed socks U*neaks offers, they’re stylin’!

These sneakers are not only cute and customizable…they’re well-made, too.  My boys are very active and spend hours outdoors getting dirty, and the sneakers have held up so well.  U*neaks originated in New Jersey, which is a plus in my book because I’ll always be a Jersey girl at heart (even though I live in North Carolina now).  I’m sending a shout-out to Somerset, NJ, where U*neaks were born and where my husband and I bought our first home.  Miss ya, Jersey!

Check out all the adorable styles on the U*neaks site, and come back here later in the week for a U*neaks giveaway.  Yay, another giveaway!  I’m so psyched!


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