CSN Stores

A few months ago I hosted a giveaway for a Disney toy organizer from CSN Stores, and I’m happy to report that CSN has contacted me again and informed me that I’m now a “preferred blogger”.  I will have another opportunity to host a giveaway for CSN Stores!

If you’re not familiar with CSN Stores, you’ll be amazed by their huge selection of products.  With over 200 stores, you’ll find everything you could ever need for your home, including the bathroom sink!  One of my favorite stores is Toys & Games Online.  If you haven’t checked CSN Stores out, you really should!

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten several items from CSN Stores, and I’ve been thrilled with all of them!

I have the Combi Strolee Stroller in the trunk of my minivan right now and I absolutely love how light-weight and easy to fold down it is.  The sunshade is nice and big, and it’s much better quality and sturdier than an umbrella stroller–yet just as portable.

I was head over heels in love when I first saw the Fisher-Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse!  My daughter is a bit young for it, so I’m saving it for when she gets a little older.  It’s in our playroom right now.  I am dying to play with it!

I just received the Corolle Chouquette Brunette Doll as another future gift for my daughter and it’s even cuter in person.  Corolle Dolls are a favorite of mine, and CSN has a nice selection, all with free shipping!

So take a look at CSN Stores and start browsing, then come back for my giveaway!

Disclosure:  I received no compensation for this post.


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