I just came across a blog that had content from my Sniff, Sniff, Hurray post copied almost word for word.  I wanted to call attention to it because I value my relationship with MyBlogSpark and I don’t want them thinking that I was the one plagiarizing.  I wrote the content first, and this other blogger copied from me.   It really makes me sad that someone would do this.


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  1. Wonder why people have to be that way. If a company gives you a product at least give them the time to write your own wording. I don’t blame you for wanting to call it out!


    • I agree. Sometimes I receive content from MomSelect about a contest they have going on, and they actually don’t want you to change it too much, so I post the info I’m given. But in this instance, you could add your own voice to it. That’s what is so alarming to me…the post is in “my voice”. The bit about being bilingual was something personal to me, and this person copied that.


  2. Good for you, I recently posted about something like this and this blogger had like 60 posts each month from fellow bloggers. Can be read here:


    • Wow, that’s really shocking, Jennifer! I know recently there was another blog, Couture Nerd, that was plagiarizing and had fake contests going on. I don’t understand the motivation behind duping people like that.


      • Yes, this one was removed with the complaints either by blogger or she removed it because of all the bloggers that reported it. It is very sad to see something like that. It made me more aware, heck! I even had her button:( It totally slipped my attention, but thanks to Belly Charms, one less bad blog.

  3. That sucks when that happens. Sorry.


  4. I had the same thing happen to me recently, and it looks like the other person would actually copy entire paragraphs one after another! I have no idea why they would do that!!


  5. Posted by lisa on September 12, 2010 at 10:43 am

    I checked out some of the blogs in question and they are gone. Plagiarism is illegal, so I wonder if those blogs were removed by google. If the problem persisted you could take legal action. I think I would just based on principle. Thanks for this post!


  6. Posted by Aisling on September 12, 2010 at 11:11 am

    I see this frequently in forums where I post – some people think nothing of cutting and pasting articles with no attribution. I don’t know if they’re trying to deceive and make people think they wrote it or if they just don’t appreciate the concept of plagerism. If that blog has a place for comments, I think I’d certainly post there and “appreciate” that they enjoyed your original article so much they copied it – and include a link to the original. Theft sucks, but they do say that “imitation is the greatest form of flattery” so you can take some pleasure in knowing that they liked your article enough to replicate it.


  7. I emailed the blogger and she said she’s taking down the post. She claimed her sister gave her the information for the post. She wrote to me again telling me her sister got the information directly from MyBlogSpark so we both must have had the same info. Not true! The first paragraph is in my voice. It was copied word for word from me.

    At least she took it down, but I’m not happy she’s denying she plagiarized.


  8. What about if someone’s post included a link to your post and used quotation marks and gave credit for the copied blurb? Is that acceptable blog ettiquette? I’m just curious, since I’m new to blogging, and don’t want to offend/violate anyone’s rights. I recently did a craft I saw elsewhere and posted a link to her post, but I didn’t use any of her prose.


  9. Posted by Shannon on September 12, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    Imitation is the finest form of flattery!


  10. Posted by PinchingAbe on September 13, 2010 at 7:48 am

    So sorry! You know, people just copy and paste and think they can. You almost have to Google Alert everything you write online. I have had people steal content from a place I write online and it just stinks. I actually billed a site once for stealing my content. They just ignored me and used the old find and replace with synonym trick… but it is good that you stand your ground instead of letting them slide. Most of the time it is just plain old ignorance of copyright laws. Though you shouldn’t have to, you could always put a note somewhere on the site that your content is copyrighted.


  11. I can’t believe that someone would do that. Not that your writing doesn’t deserve to be copied but if you are going to publish something, at least take the time to write it yourself. The whole thing sounds a little sketchy to me.


  12. I believe people do such ridiculous things but I just don’t understand why. I mean, fake giveaways? What’s the point? I guess to build up their status or something? Makes no sense to me.

    I did notice in the comments here though you say that she told you her sister got the info. I specifically recall just last month or so someone else wrote about a situation like this and they said the girl told them the exact same thing. something about the sister. I wish I could remember now but my pregnant brain is not working well. Darnit.. if I find that post I’ll be sure to share it with you.


  13. That sure has been going around lately. I’m sorry that happened to you. I don’t know why people do that. It’s so sad that they don’t feel creative enough to write down their own thoughts, they have to steal others. Makes you wonder.


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