Making Bath Time Fun Time with Johnson’s

I’d like to let you in on a little secret…my husband was too afraid to give each of our three children a bath in the first 18 months of their lives. He said they were too delicate and fragile. I remember when I had to have an emergency appendectomy just 10 days after my first child was born, I was in the hospital for a week and returned home to find a very stinky baby. I don’t know why my husband would be so scared of bathtime…it’s such a bonding experience for baby and parent. For me, giving my daughter a bath before bed is one of the highlights of my day.

Now that she’s 2, my husband regularly volunteers to give her a bath. He’s no longer afraid she’ll break. He loves being silly with her, using squirt toys and buckets to make her laugh. She loves nothing more than getting Daddy soaking wet with the squirt toys. Her giggle can be heard all over the house. We always use JOHNSON’S BABY products. The wonderful smell of JOHNSON’S Baby Shampoo brings back memories of when my sons were babies, and I love using it on my daughter now.

Whenever we travel with our daughter, we bring her bathtub from home. She seems to be the most comfortable in it, and isn’t quite ready to sit free-style in a big bathtub. We always have to make sure the temperature of the water is just right and we have her favorite toys handy. If the water is too hot or too cold, she’ll get upset and that won’t make bathtime fun at all for anyone.

Right now JOHNSON’S is having a Facebook photo contest that you should check out. There’s also a fun Twitter party coming up. Here are the details:

Theme: Making Baby’s Bathtime, Fun Time
When: Wednesday, September 21st
Time: 1pm-2pm EST/10am-11am PST
Where: On Twitter with the Hashtag #BabyBathtimeFun. You can also use this customized TweetGrid (or TweetChat, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc) to follow all the action from the 6 co-hosts at once.
Hosts: @Mcontemporanea @darielacruz @mamalatina @JaiMami @coupon_chica @spanglishbaby and moderated by @lbconnect
Twitter Prizes: Three winners. Each will receive a prize worth $200 ($150 gift card + $50 value bag worth of Desitin and JOHNSON’S Core products). To be eligible to win, you must join the party and participate during the hour with an original tweet (RT´s not eligible) using the #BabyBathtimeFun hashtag and answer the Giveaway questions.

So, tell me, is your husband also squeamish about giving your newborn or infant a bath? Can you offer any bathtime tips for new moms?

Disclosure: I am participating in a blogging program from Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect, and this post makes me eligible to win a compensation.


4 responses to this post.

  1. My husband hates giving my kids a bath, he doesnt like to because they want to stay in and play so long. I like to give my baby abath in the sink while my toddler takes a bath in the tub, this way i cn do both at once because the baby is still too litlle to bath with my son.


  2. my husband never really does anything child care related…never changed a diaper, given a bath etc (and we have 6 children now so there has been plenty of opportunity. I often like to joke when people ask if he changes diapers, that he doesn’t know that babies WEAR diapers…he is so uninvolved in it.

    well one day I had a couple little ones in the tub when our old dog, whose stomach was apt to get upset at those last few months of his life, started having a diarrhea disaster in the living room.

    Now this left 2 chores to be cared for immediately….bathtub duty or dog crap duty. When presented that choice my husband reluctantly took bathtub duty. I gave him his orders….just get their hair washed and then you can get them out if you wish.

    So I am busy with my messy task and the first child starts hollering out from the bathroom…NO NO NO….then nothing ….then crying crying crying. I run in to see what the horri ble racket could be. I find my husband with the water running holding the second child under the spout, running full blast, face up in the stream to wet her hair. She was like 9 months old at the time and under that stream of water she just looked frightened to death. The other child was screaming due to the fact that he had received the same treatment just moments earlier.

    So lesson learned. Just do both tasks myself next time I guess.


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